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Kokomo Fire Chief Pat O’Neill has announced that he is stepping down as chief effective Wednesday, July 9 2014. Chief O’Neill made a formal recommendation to Mayor Goodnight that Nick Glover, current Deputy Chief, be considered to lead the department. Mayor Goodnight will follow this recommendation and appoint Nick Glover as the new Fire Chief. Read More
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The Indiana Talks Radio Network has welcomed the City of Kokomo to its listening area featuring Kokomo's own daily news broadcasts.

The daily news segments will be produced by KGOV2 and broadcast weekdays at the top of each hour. “KGOV2 has been producing a weekly, local news show that Indiana Talks became aware of,” said Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight. “They approached us about recording newscasts concerning local developments that they could share with a wider audience. We are always seeking new ways to help keep taxpayers informed.” Read More
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The City of Kokomo will save $350,000 when it refinances its sewer works revenue bonds at a lower rate. The sewer bonds were originally issued in 2005 at rates averaging 4.3%. The new interest rate will be 2.5%. Read More
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The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Opportunity Index ranks Kokomo, IN highest on its housing affordability index among small housing markets.

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