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The City of Kokomo has filed legal action against Director David Kane and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security seeking declaratory and injunctive relief in an effort to continue building the Kokomo Municipal Stadium.

The complaint, filed in the Marion County Environmental Court, states that, “IDHS has no right to prevent the proposed construction on the Parcels that comply with the Agreed Terms. The Agreed Terms, which IDHS and the City agreed to govern the future use of the Parcels, allow the City to build on the Parcels pursuant to and consistent with the Redesign.”  The stadium project encompasses approximately 70 total parcels—eight of which have had construction halted due to IDHS.

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The City of Kokomo has been awarded an additional $1.7 million for its program to remove blighted and uninhabitable structures throughout the city. The funds will be added to the $1.3 million Kokomo was awarded last year.

Lt. Governor Sue Ellspermann announced that Kokomo’s second proposal for funding via the Hardest Hit Fund - Blight Elimination Program was approved. The City of Kokomo has received a total of $3,084,000 through the program. Read More
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The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) approved the City of Kokomo’s regulations for floodplain management. The DNR’s approval of the City’s Floodplain Ordinance effectively covers the entire area of the City. The final approval was received Friday, January 16th.

“I am pleased the DNR has approved the Kokomo’s floodplain management regulations that address flood hazard areas for the entire city, including the Kokomo Municipal Stadium site,” said Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight. “This decision reaffirms our continued compliance with the National Flood Insurance Program.” Read More
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The City of Kokomo is heading into 2015 on solid footing. According to an internal audit of the city’s finances, the City of Kokomo underspent the 2014 budget by 8% or $5.2 million.

The savings were achieved as the City funded three major capital improvement projects: a $9 million parking garage, which it paid-off five years early, $1M donation for the YMCA and finished renovating City Hall. Read More
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