City Clerk

aBrenda Brunnemer-Ott has served as the City Clerk for the town since 1992. Previously she was employed at the Howard county Recorders Office. She served as 1st deputy for eight years. She is a lifelong resident of Howard County and is a Kokomo High School graduate. She was recognized in 2002 by the Kokomo Historical Review Board for her outstanding service to K.H.R.B. Brenda currently is a member of the Indiana Association of Towns and Cities and the Indiana Municipal Clerks and Treasures.

The City Clerk's office is elected every four years, along with the Mayor and City Council Members. The official functions and duties of the City Clerk are set forth in Chapter 31.22 of the Kokomo city Code and chapter 30 of the Indiana Code. The following is a general summary of services provided by the City Clerks office.

  • The City Clerk's office provides city Council staff support if needed under the directions of the City Clerk.
  • The office serves as a document and formation resource to the council, all city departments and the citizens of our city.
  • The City Clerk is elected by the citizens of Kokomo every four years and can serve unlimited terms.

City Clerks office is located in City Hall.
Office Hours Monday-Friday

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