City Controller's Office

       Weston Reed
      City Controller

Weston Reed is the City Controller, appointed by Mayor Tyler Moore. Before working for the City of Kokomo, Weston worked in Howard County Government as a Deputy Auditor in Finance Department and Chief Deputy in the Treasurer’s office, before being elected Howard County Treasurer in 2016.

While serving as county treasurer he served on the Indiana County Treasurers’ Associations’ Executive Board as well as the Legislative Committee and the Education and Training Committee. Due to his leadership within the association, Weston was elected President of the Indiana County Treasurers’ Association President in 2019. He also served on the Association of Indiana Counties Education and Training Committee.

In addition to his work within government, Weston and his family are active members of Crossroads Community Church, where he and his wife serve on its teams. Weston was also a Kokomo Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals 20 under 40 award winner in 2016 because of his leadership in the community. Weston resides in Kokomo with his wife and two children.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Financial hub for the city; all payments to employees, vendors, and taxing agencies are filtered through the office
  • Responsible for monitoring the cash in our bank accounts vs. the balances in our general ledger
  • Complete the budget for all city departments to be submitted to City Council, which affects all citizens through the tax rate adjustments
  • Report to department heads on budget issues, including determination of next year's budget requests, reports on how much of the budget has been spent YTD and how much money is left for current year's expenditures
  • Work closely with the SBOA during annual audit of financial status