Civil War Cannon

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The "Kokomo Cannon" has recently been restored and is on display in Highland Park at the Visitor's Center.

The "Kokomo Cannon" has been in Kokomo since shortly after it was donated to the Thomas J. Harrison Post #30 of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) by Congress on August 8, 1882.  There were two cannons, both 12 pound bronze field Howitzers, donated at this time.  Only this one remains.  The cannons were to honor and memorialize the Civil War Veterans.  In the not too distant past, this cannon spent many years at the Seashore Municipal Pool on a miniature golf course.  Today this cannon stands as a symbol of the honor to all Kokomo Veterans; may we never forget them.

The cannon received a new gun carriage from funds raised from Kokomo's Orlando A. Somer's Camp 1 of the Sons of Union Veteran's of the Civil War. 

12 pound Confederate bronze
Howitzer Foundry:  Leeds and Company-New Orleans
Foundry #:  48
Years Made:  1862
Weight of Barrel:  775 lbs.
Powder Charge:  1 pound Range at 5 degrees elevation:  1,072 yards

Leeds made a total of 49 cannons for the South.  Nine of these were 12 pound bronze Howitzers.  Of the nine, only three are known to exist.  The other two cannons are in the National Park Service.  New Orleans surrendered on May 1, 1862 putting Leeds out of business.