Community Development


The City of Kokomo's Community Development Programs are funded by Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. These programs have historically been used by the City to provide infrastructure improvements in lower-income neighborhoods, housing rehabilitation for qualified low-income homeowners, demolition and clearance of unsafe structures, social service programs and/or other projects that meet one of HUD's three national goals: 1) benefit low- to moderate-income individuals or families, 2) aid in the prevention or elimination of slums or blight, or 3) address other community development needs having a particular urgency (such as a natural disaster).

Community Development Block Grant

Consolidated Action Plan FY 2020-2024

The following programs are available through the Department of Development.  For additional information or to get signed up for a program, please contact the Department of Development at 765-456-7375. 

Exterior Home Improvement Programs
Eligible low-to moderate-income homeowners may apply for grants to renovate their houses in the current Community Development Block Grant target area(s). New roofing and gutters, vinyl siding, porch repairs, and energy-efficient windows and doors are examples of eligible improvements. Homeowner grants are in the form of 100% forgivable loans for up to $50,000. For additional information, please see the program handouts below:

Neighborhood Blight Removal Program The CDBG-funded Neighborhood Blight Removal Program serves to eliminate or stop the spread of slum and blight conditions, primarily in residential areas. Demolition projects are typically referred by the Building Inspector and sometimes result in property liens for the cost of the demolition.  Limited 100% grants are available, however, for qualifying properties owned by low-to-moderate income city residents. Handout for Neighborhood Blight Removal Program.

Analysis of Impediments

Analysis of Impediments 2020-2024

All programs subject to available funding, and satisfaction of qualifying criteria. Most programs include an application process and final approval.