Engineering & Traffic

  • Overseeing all engineering, survey and design-related projects for the city; 
  • Ensuring strict adherence to regulations and applicable codes for construction;
  • Issuing of building and electrical permits;
  • Engineering oversight of municipal street and sewer systems;
  • Supervising municipal traffic systems;
  • Infrastructure planning and annexations.


The total public improvement budget over the last few years has been approximately $21.14 million, from federal, state and local funds, as well as the library and the Urban Enterprise Association.

This includes $6 million on improvements to Dixon Road, a primary corridor on the city's west side; $4 million in renovations to the downtown public library; $1 million on downtown infrastructure; and $500,000 on repairing residential homes in low-to-moderte income neighborhoods.

These are diverse projects but they all have one thing in common: they all improve our community in a way that makes Kokomo more appealing to businesses, prospects and residents. It's not enough to invest in capital projects; we must also invest wisely by leveraging our resources and seeking out all available grant funds and  partnership opportunities. 


Perhaps nowhere is this change as noticeable as in downtown Kokomo where the City has invested millions in infrastructure and beautification. Among other initiatives we have:

    * Added pedestrian-friendly bump-outs to nearly all downtown intersections, making it easier to navigate the area by foot with ADA-compliant intersections that will be landscaped with plants and flowers, sponsored and maintained by downtown business

    * Replaced traffic lights with decorative four-way stop signs at 11 intersections, saving $22,000 annually in maintenance and $77,000 in signal controller costs

    * Removed all 340 parking meters in an effort to beautify downtown while making parking more available to the general public and eliminating privileged parking for governmental employees

    Remove over 1,300 street signs creating sign clutter in downtown and throughout the community in a creative, low-cost beutification effort

    * Added 340 hanging flower baskets during the summer months

    Converted our most heavily-trafficked streets from one-way to two-way traffic, with plans to convert the remaining one-way streets as well, to help slow down the flow of traffic in our downtown area, making it more business-friendly and creating more of a district-feel

    Extended the Walk of Excellence bike/hike trail through downtown, making it easier for bikers and pedestrians to enjoy the city's downtown amenities