Kokomo Community Arts Commission

The City of Kokomo Community Arts Commission (KCAC) exists to enhance the quality of life in this community by ensuring the continuance of arts organizations and art projects. The purpose and duty of the City of Kokomo Community Arts Commission is to recommend disbursement of funds to eligible grant applicants. Awards are disbursed in two rounds (Spring and Fall).  For more information about the KCAC please call 765-456-7375 or email development@cityofkokomo.org.
Organizations Funded and Supported by the KCAC: Curtain Call Theatre for Children, Indiana University Theatre, IUK Art Gallery, Kokomo Downtown Association, Kokomo Art Association, Kokomo Children's Choir, Kokomo Civic Theatre, Kokomo Community Concerts Association, Kokomo Park Band, Inc., and Kokomo Symphonic Society, Inc. 

Applications are due April 1st (for events occurring between July 1st - December 31st) and September 1st (for events occurring between January 1st - June 30th.)  Applications are accepted at City Hall, 3rd Floor, Development Department no later than 4:00 pm.