Kokomo Historic Review Board

Established by local ordinance in 1980, the heart of the Historic Review Board's activities  revolves around its Local Landmark Designation Program.  This is voluntary program where more than 60 properties (commercial and residential) have now obtained landmark status, and the list is growing. The mission of the Board is to help preserve, protect, and promote our historical past and architectural heritage for present and future generations to enjoy.  Their goals are to educate the citizens about preservation, to encourage the community to recognize and appreciate historic architecture, to foster excitement about improving their city through restoration, to get citizens involved, and to reward them for utilizing existing resources. The Board meets on the third Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Louks Conference Room at Kokomo City Hall. 

Historic Review Board Members: 

Chuck Duncan, President
Kelli Goodnight, Vice President
Tom Tolen, Secretary
Harry Beard, Member
Dave Broman, Member
Susan Hinesly, Member
Dick Moore, Member
Jim Parsons, Member
Sally Tuttle, Member
Diana Wentzel, Member
Jim Hunter, Advisor