Kokomo Traffic Commission


 Chief Robert A. Baker,President
Councilman Kevin Summers, Vice President
Major Tony Arnett
Mrs. Debbie Root
Mr. Terry Townsend
Paul Pfettscher
Attorney Beth Copeland
Carey Stranahan
Cindy McKinley, Secretary

The Kokomo Traffic Commission has streamlined its process for obtaining “Street  Closure and Block Party” permits.  All requests will be sent to the Traffic Commission administrative secretary at least 60 days prior to the date of the event. 

 The requests will be reviewed to verify the information is complete and correct, with all safety and neighborhood concerns appropriately addressed. The requestor will be asked for clarifications and additional information as needed. A permit will be issued once the request has been thoroughly examined and approved. The “Street Closure and Block Party Permit Application” form can be found below:

Street Closure Block Party Application Form