Community Services Unit

Sergeant Neil Marcus

The Community Services Unit is primarily responsible for the devel­op­ment and coordi­nation of programs de­signed to assist in the pro­motion of a respon­sible community and to achieve a partnership with those who we serve.  The unit is also responsible for the Youth Service program, crime prevention functions and develop­ment, organization and coordina­tion of crime pre­ven­tion programs, e.g., neighborhood crime watch, crime stop­pers, and for coordinating agency community relations efforts which shall include: establishing close ties with and responding to the needs of the community, providing ­liaison with formal community organizations and other community groups, establishing community groups where such groups do not exist, and providing spea­kers and pro­grams for communi­ty organiza­tions and groups.

Communication leads to understanding and a well informed public will be a deterrent to crime in many ways. The Kokomo Police Department will deliver its message to the public in a variety of ways. The department frequently gives tours of our headquarters to groups and several officers are available to talk to groups about various topics.

All of our public education endeavors have one common trait. They each provide citizens and police officers the opportunity to interact in a positive and educational atmosphere. Officers receive feedback from program participants concerning the needs of the public, while the public gains a better understanding of the operations of our department.  This website is our latest program aimed at educating the public.

To schedule a tour of the Kokomo Police Department headquarters,or a have a guest speaker, send an email to Sergeant Neil Marcus, insert in the subject line: KPD Tour or Guest Speaker ,and send it to: 

To request a K-9 demonstration, send an email to Sergeant Neil Marcus, insert in subject line: K-9 Demonstration, and send it to

Sergeant Neil Marcus @ 765.456.7333 

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