Senior Citizens Center

The mission of the Kokomo Senior Center (located at 721 West Superior Street) is to provide appropriate quality recreation and nutrition to the Senior Citizens of the Kokomo community. The center is completely handicap-accessible.  The Center's Senior Outreach Program (Seniors reaching out to others in our community) involves a variety of activities, events, and travel opportunities, both on and off campus. 

 Members are age 50 years and older and the annual membership fee is $3.00 for members living within the City limits and $4.00 for members living outside the City limits. 

Area V Agency On Aging & Community Services provide lunches (donation basis)  Monday through Friday for adults over the age of 60.  Lunches are $4.50 for adults age 50-59.  

For more information you may phone 765.456.7557 or Area Five 1.800.654.9421