Winter Basketball League

Official KPRD issued rosters must be properly completed and submitted with entry fee. 
2017-2018 Men's Basketball League Schedule
KHS Gym #1 is in use by another group on 12/3/2017.  All Lower Division games have been moved to 2/11/2018.  The above link to the schedule reflects this change.

Basketball Tournament Bracket - Upper Division
Basketball Tournament Bracket - Lower Division

Basketball League Final Standingscc

Individual Stats by team

Team Stats for 11/5/2017
Team Stats for 11/12/2017
Team Stats for 11/19/2017
Team Stats for 12/3/2017
Team Stats for 12/10/2017
Team Stats for 12/17/2017
Team Stats for 1/7/2018
Team Stats for 1/14/2018
Team Stats for 1/21/2018
Team Stats for 1/28/2018
Team Stats for 2/11/2018


2018-2019 Men's Winter Basketball Information      

2018-2019 Women's Winter Basketball Information

2018-2019 KPRD Basketball Roster Form

2018-2019 Basketball Drop/Add Form