Clarification Regarding 911 Dispatch Related Death

The City of Kokomo is issuing the following clarification regarding recent media reports surrounding the death of Tammy Ford after Howard County 911 dispatchers sent First Responders to the wrong address.

When a Kokomo resident calls 911, the call is connected to the Howard County Government Dispatch Center. The dispatch center is operated under the sole direction and responsibility of Howard County Government and the Howard County Sheriff, Steve Rogers. Dispatchers and dispatch center personnel are employees of Howard County Government and are based in the Howard County Criminal Justice Center. The City of Kokomo, it’s Fire Chief, Police Chief, and related personnel have no authority or responsibility for dispatch services inside the city limits and are required to rely on the information provided to them by Howard County Dispatch Center. 

The Kokomo Fire Department is staffed with professionally trained first responders, who take their jobs very seriously and understand that seconds matter in their profession. Tammy Ford’s death under these circumstances is a tragedy and our prayers are with her friends and family during this time. 

All media inquiries and requests for comment should be directed to the Howard County Sheriff: (765)456-2020.