A look at Commercial & Assessments in Kokomo Indiana

This report stemmed from a very basic question: How is it possible that Howard County is ranked 92 out of 92 in gross assessed value growth? Moreover, how is it possible that Howard County's assessments are more than 70% worse than the 91st county? This report represents a compelling answer to those questions. Our community has seen steady increases in home sale prices, over $2,500,000,000 in private investments, population growth and job growth. The assessments of property in Howard County being valued at 50 much less than comparable properties in Anderson, Richmond, Connersville, New Castle, and Marion warrants a detailed evaluation.

Nexus's findings include:
• Some commercial properties are under assessed in Howard County.
• Some franchise restaurants are dramatically under assessed.
• By under assessing certain commercial properties, the tax burden is being increased for homeowners, farmers, commercial properties who are properly assessed.

This pdf includes three separate documents:
1. A cover letter produced by the City of Kokomo.
2. A report from the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance of gross assessed values for all 192 Indiana counties, This data is also available on the DLGF site: DLGF home page/Reports & Data/Reports. It is on the reports page under "Assessment", as the 2014 Exemptions and Deduction report It is on page 15 of the report.
3. The full report, "A look at Commercial & Assessments in Kokomo Indiana," from Nexus Group. This report is presented in full, and is divided into sections as originally

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