Kokomo awarded $100k energy grant for Wastewater plant

The City of Kokomo was awarded a $100,000 Wastewater Treatment Plant (WTP) grant from the Indiana Office of Energy. The grants, offered up to the $100,000 level, are for the installation of efficient equipment and processes, anaerobic digesters, or waste-heat recovery equipment. The grant is the latest awarded to the City, which seeks out funding like this for major projects.

“We will use this money towards the purchase and operation of a centrifuge,” said Wastewater Superintendent Chris Cooper. “It will save the City money and make our operation more environmentally efficient. We will use fewer resources to dispose of the sludge. By our estimates, it will save the City more than $100,000 per year.”

A wastewater centrifuge is used to reduce the amount of water left in the byproduct of wastewater treatment before it is dumped. The cost of dumping wastewater sludge is based on weight. Reducing the water reduces the weight resulting in a lower cost. The current equipment, which was installed in 1995, reduces the amount of water weight by 17 to 18 percent. The new centrifuge would increase the reduction to 25 percent or greater.

“We were just one of two cities to receive this grant amount,” said Mayor Greg Goodnight. “Anything we can do to increase our efficiency and save taxpayer dollars, we make a priority.”