Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight Delivers State of the City Address, Touts City's Financial Strength, Sustainability, Comprehensive Civil Rights

In his ninth State of the City address, Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight pointed to the City’s financial strength and commitment to sustainability as key to its future success.

“What does sustainability mean for Kokomo,” Mayor Goodnight asked. “Put simply, it means that we are not spending our limited resources on quick fixes, but instead, we are always looking at the long-term impact of our decisions. We evaluate how the changes we make today will carry on into the future. It ensures that we are creating a community that will endure and improve.”

Mayor Goodnight said every single accomplishment, such as removing blight, making recycling easier, and promoting economic stability, in 2015 was geared towards creating a more sustainable community. One way to maintain the City’s financial strength is making specific investments in infrastructure, like right-sizing streets.

“We are working to right-size our roads and streets, throughout our city,” Mayor Goodnight explained. “In many cases we are taking lanes down from 14 to 10 feet, while sometimes adding medians, bike lanes and pedestrian crosswalks. This technique is known as a road diet, and it has been proven to lower speeds, reduce accidents and make the roads safer and friendlier for bicyclists, pedestrians, and automobiles.”

Mayor Goodnight also spoke about the issue of LGBT civil rights and the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act’s impact on the state’s economy. He made it clear Governor Mike Pence and the state legislature should address the issue and Kokomo will take action if they do not.

“If they do not address this before the session ends, Kokomo will,” Mayor Goodnight said. “Here, in Kokomo, like in many other cities, we will not be content to sit back and allow our kindness to be misrepresented. The State’s actions, and subsequent bungled response, means we should join Anderson, Indianapolis, Zionsville, South Bend, Carmel and nearly 20 other cities in taking action.”

All of this is part of the City’s goal to build the community, according to Mayor Goodnight.

“We are working hard to improve our city, but we’re not just doing it for ourselves,” he said. “We’re doing it for our children, and their children. We’re doing it for future residents, many of whom we’ll never even meet. We’re doing it for our community. “

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