City of Kokomo Achieves "Clean" Audit in State Board of Accounts' Preliminary Report

The Indiana State Board of Accounts completed its annual audit of the City of Kokomo and its Wastewater Utility. Their preliminary report indicates a favorable assessment with “no findings,” meaning that the auditors found no discrepancies in the City or Wastewater Utility’s financial records and is in compliance with laws and regulations. This is the sixth consecutive year for which the City of Kokomo has received a state audit with no findings.

Through a detailed audit, the Indiana State Board of Accounts assessed the City of Kokomo’s accounting principles, compliance with state laws and evaluated the overall financial status of the City.

This most recent audit was conducted early in 2014, for the 2013 fiscal year.

“We are proud of our team’s ongoing effort to be meticulously accountable,” said City Controller Milton Beach. “We continue to be mindful of our stewardship responsibilities. Under the leadership of Mayor Goodnight, we continue to invest in needed infrastructure to improve Kokomo’s position as a community where people want to work, play and live.” 

“The State Board of Accounts didn’t find any discrepancy in our financial records which is significant,” said Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight. “Kokomo taxpayers and those who conduct business with the city, deserve and expect a high level of performance and accountability from city government. This report reaffirms our approach to financial transparency and accountability.”