Kokomo Airport Awarded $2.2 Million Runway Grant

The Kokomo Municipal Airport has been awarded a $2,268,125.00 grant from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The federal funding will be used to extend the airport’s main runway to 6,000 feet for accommodating larger airplanes and increased demand for air travel. The grant will enable the Kokomo Municipal Airport to make improvements to its other runways and taxiways in addition to upgrading the airport’s lighting.

Construction is expected to begin immediately and be completed by November.

“Expanding the Kokomo Municipal Airport’s runway meets the demand expressed by our international companies,” said Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight. “The airport is a major asset for Kokomo, and enhancing its capacity is part of our efforts to attract and retain business and industry.”

In addition to passenger flights, the airport provides service to Chrysler, General Motors, Delphi, Haynes International, Indiana University-Kokomo among others.