Public access to City Hall restricted for remainder of December

Due to the recent spike in COVID cases locally, as well as a small number of positive cases within the Kokomo Police Department support staff, the City of Kokomo will close public access to City Hall for the remainder of December beginning on Monday, Dec. 7.  This comes at the request and recommendation of Police Chief Doug Stout to not only protect those within City Hall, but the community as a whole.

The decision was made to properly quarantine those employees who may have been affected, and to help prevent the possibility of exposure to the public and to other employees. Fortunately no one who deals daily with members of the general public were affected, so citizens should not be concerned with recent trips made to City Hall for services.

Citizens can still conduct business at City Hall and should contact the appropriate department by email or by phone for other options. Wastewater utility customers can pay online at or by using the drop box in the south parking lot of City Hall. Information and reports from the Kokomo Police Department may also be requested at the first floor service window or by calling 456-7108.