City and County Reach an Agreement to Complete the Industrial Heritage Trail

Officials from the City of Kokomo and Howard County government have reached an agreement regarding the completion of the Industrial Heritage Trail in downtown Kokomo.

The City and County have compromised on the width of the driveway across the Industrial Heritage Trail to the County’s parking area on the West side of the Courthouse. The City will expand the width of the driveway to 20 feet, and the County agrees not to interfere with the work to complete the trail through downtown. In addition the City will dismiss its civil suit against the County regarding the trail construction.

“We are looking forward to getting back to work on the trail and look forward to its completion,” said Mayor Greg Goodnight. “I am glad City representatives and the County were able to reach a responsible resolution that allows the work to be finished. This is a popular part of our growing trail system, and it is very important to our citizens that we finish the trail before the weather turns.”

“We are pleased that this issue is resolved and behind us. With this agreement the Howard County Sheriff’s Department will be able to continue to ensure that the courthouse will be secure and safe,” said Sheriff Steve Rogers.

“The City and County have a mutual interest in the quality of life in our community and today’s agreement balanced that with the safety of our citizens,” said Board of Commissioners President Paul Wyman. “I want to thank the Mayor and City officials for working closely with us to reach a great solution for our community.”