Major Crime in Kokomo Down 24% since 2008; Community Policing & Neighborhood Redevelopment Credited for Change

Since January 1, 2008 the City of Kokomo has seen a 24 percent reduction in major crime reported.

Murders were down 55 percent and thefts of motor vehicle saw a decline of 47 percent. For the period reported, crimes were down in a number of categories including sexual assaults, robbery, burglary, aggravated assaults and theft.

Since Mayor Goodnight assumed office in 2008, he has reduced the high number of police administrators, many of whom have been reassigned as patrol officers.

Mayor Goodnight credits the improvement to the Kokomo Police Department’s increased presence in neighborhoods throughout the city. The City is taking a strategic approach to redevelopment, aggressive code enforcement, and eliminating blighted properties, all which are helping curtail crime.

“I commend the women and men of the Kokomo Police Department for their proactive community engagement and their continued commitment to law enforcement professionalism,” said Mayor Goodnight. “Our City’s long-term strategy for facilitating a healthy economy through wise community investment compliments the trend for less criminal activity.”

In addition, since 2008, the City has directed millions of dollars in private developments to formally blighted areas of the City to forestall criminal activity. The City of Kokomo has made deliberate efforts to invest in quality-of-life and infrastructure improvements in older parks and neighborhoods.

“Our community policing efforts are making a difference,” said Kokomo Police Chief Rob Baker. “The mounted patrol and bicycle patrol officers meet the public at special events, festivals and in neighborhoods along our pedestrian paths and trails.”