Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight Delivers State of the City Calls for Maintaining Pace of Progress to Attract New Residents

Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight urged business and community leaders to continue the city’s pace of progress which has resulted in billions of dollars of private investment from Kokomo’s leading manufacturers and local businesses.

Mayor Goodnight identified the city’s need to continue investing its resources in order to transform Kokomo as a place where people want to live.

“We must work to market our community, not just to our current residents, but to our future residents,” said Mayor Goodnight. “We must continue investing in capital improvement projects to attract those who work in Kokomo, but choose to live elsewhere - to those looking for a place to retire - to those just now entering the job market, and to those who won’t enter the job market for years to come, to make Kokomo their home.”

In his eighth State of the City address, Mayor Goodnight identified his administration’s growth plan for continuing Kokomo’s strategic infrastructure and quality-of-place investments designed to increase Kokomo’s population base and develop its economy for the future.

“By working together we have managed to overcome great adversity, but our success was not inevitable,” said Mayor Goodnight. “Everything we do, from economic development, to blight removal, to infrastructure, to parks and recreation, to public transit, is aimed at making Kokomo a great place to live. That’s why we recognize the importance of investing in trails and parks, public transportation, housing and neighborhood development. And, we must continue working together, to manage success.”

Mayor Goodnight spoke before a full Council Chambers that included the Kokomo Common Council, residents, business leaders and representatives from the City’s Boards and Commissions.