Cloverleaf Trail

The Cloverleaf Trail was added to the Kokomo trail system in the summer of 2018. The southern trailhead begins at Mehlig Park as a branching off of the Wildcat Creek Walk of Excellence and is a total of 1.65 miles long. The trail travels northeast and crosses both Sycamore St. and Jefferson St.

The Cloverleaf Trail is an ideal alternative travel route for those who would like to use the trail as a way of alternative transportation. By passing through Sycamore and Jefferson streets, the trail helps lead travelers to easy access of different community fixtures that include St. Joseph Hospital, J. Edwards, Big Ben Coffee, Scoops Ice Cream, and many more. The northern trailhead of the Cloverleaf is located right at Pettit Park Elementary School, making the trail the perfect way to travel to and from school or for a fun after school bike ride.