Crown Point Cemetery


Contact Information: 
Department Head: Torrey Roe
Phone: 765-456-7275
Location: 1402 W. Deffenbaugh Street, Kokomo, IN 46902

How We Serve You: 
The Mission of Crown Point Cemetery is to provide needed interment services to the citizens of this community with compassion and expediency, while maintaining the history and grounds with everlasting care.

General Information: 
All flowers and decorations will be removed twice each year from all graves and the mausoleum.  Removal will occur approximately March 15 and October 15.  Individuals should remove all flowers or decorations they wish to keep before that time.  Any decoration with a flower attached is considered a decoration.  Please do not redecorate graves until March 25 and October 25.  Thank you.

Fees and Services
Crown Point Rules & Guidelines

To transfer ownership of a space(s) from a deceased person to a living heir, 
an affidavit/waiver transfer of space form is required.  
Affidavit/Waiver Transfer of Space Form

To transfer ownership of a space(s) from a living person to another living person
whether by gift or by sale, a quit claim deed form is required.  
Quit Claim Deed Form