Geographic Information System

The City of Kokomo Geographic Information Initiative centers around the use of a tool called Google Earth.  This free application by Google allows users to view geographic information in a realistic environment.  The application provides tools such as finding addresses, driving directions, and measurements.  Furthermore, it allows developers of geographic information, such as the city, to create data that overlays onto the earth.  The city is currently converting much of its geographic information into a format usable by Google Earth.  To download Google Earth for free, go to and click on the blue button in the upper right hand corner.
Information currently available in our GIS:
City Council Districts/Precincts
Corporate Boundaries
Signed Bike Routes
Real-Time Street Closures
Real-Time Stream Gauges (Entire US)
Evacuation Routes
Draft Alternative Transportation Master Plan
Current Projects
CSO Long Term Control Plan Projects
Low-Moderate Income Areas
Fire Lanes
Police Districts
Fire Stations
Fire Hydrants
Fire Engine Districts
Highland Park Sports and Recreation Complex 3D Rendering
3D Buildings
Trash Routes
Bus Routes
Regulated Watersheds
Vacated Legal Drains
Regulated Drains
Airport Hazard Overlay
Flood Hazard Overlay
Thoroughfare Plan Map
City of Kokomo Zoning
Kokomo-Howard County Governmental Coordinating Council Long Range Plan
Draft Wayfinder System