Contact Information:
Department Head: Jon Pyke
Phone: 765-456-7400
Location(s): City Hall - 100 South Union St., Kokomo IN 46901

 How We Serve You:
The Engineering Department manages the following infrastructure within the City including, but not limited to: roadways, storm sewers, stormwater quality BMPs, concrete curb & gutter, multi-use paths and sidewalks. Under these responsibilities, the Engineering Department provides the following services:

  • Administration of City capital road and trail improvement projects
  • Approval and oversight of new infrastructure installation for residential subdivisions and commercial development
  • Development and maintenance of design standards for new infrastructure
  • Maintenance of record drawings for residential subdivisions and commercial developments
  • Assistance in obtaining new traffic controls or improving existing traffic conditions
  • General information and assistance with questions regarding drainage issues, City right-of-way, drainage and utility easements

 General Information:

The Engineering Department provides leadership in design, management and construction of city-approved projects. The Engineering Department also works closely with the Street Department to resolve issues relating to pavement, roadside, drainage, traffic, signage and signals. In addition to providing leadership for city projects, the Department of Engineering serves on the Plat Committee to review potential developments. It also represents the infrastructure needs and concerns of the city on interagency committees.

New Development
The Engineering Department reviews plans submitted by developers as they relate to water, sewer, storm drainage, and streets. In addition, it provides quality control for new development by managing the required submittals, bonds and approved drawings and inspecting the projects.


  • Storm Water Program
  • Storm Water Construction Permits
  • Reporting an Illicit Discharge  
  • Stormwater Links

The Engineering Department's available Public Services

  • Information on city-approved projects
  • Records of drawings of residential subdivisions and commercial improvements
  • Assist public in matters that require Board of Public Works approval
  • Assistance in obtaining new traffic controls or improving existing traffic conditions such as wider streets, or curbs and gutters
  • Responds to inquiries and complaints about city's infrastructure such as streets, drainage, traffic lights, street lights, permits for construction, easements, right-of-way and utilities