Building Code Information

Current Building & Electrical Codes

The information below details the current Residential and Commercial Building & Electrical Codes Enforced within the City of Kokomo.

2014 Indiana Building Code (2012 International Building Code and Indiana amendments at: , starting on page 8) 

2014 Indiana Mechanical Code (2006 International Mechanical Code and Indiana amendments at:

2009 Indiana Electrical Code (2009 NFPA 70 and Indiana amendments at: /legislative/iac/T06750/A00170.PDF)

2010 Indiana Energy Conservation Code ( 675 IAC 19-4) consisting of ASHRAE Standard 90.1,2007 

edition, as amended by the State of Indiana 

2012 Indiana Plumbing Code (2006 International Plumbing Code and Indiana amendments ( , beginning on page 53 of the PDF document) 

2014 Indiana Fire Code (2012 International Fire Code and Indiana amendments)

2014 Indiana Fuel Gas Code (2012 International Fuel Gas Code and Indiana amendments)

* current as of May 11, 2018



Building/Planning Information

City of Kokomo Snow Load is 20 lbs. per sq. feet
City of Kokomo Wind Speed is 80 miles per hour
City of Kokomo Seismic Risk is Zone 1