Jackson Morrow Park Walkpath

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Jackson Morrow Walkpath Map

A beautiful walking trail winds through Jackson Morrow Park located at 4200 S. Park Rd., in Kokomo, Indiana.  This trail is paved and runs part of the way through the wooded areas in the park.  The trail is appoximately 1.3 miles long.  Along the Little Wildcat Creek, the path also splits off onto a bark-chipped path that runs deeper into the wooded area.  This is a good area in the spring for wildflower viewing.  A wildflower guide has also been compiled for this part of the park.  The wooded part of the trail is also host to the Parks and Recreation Department's annual Haunted Trail Walk event each October.

This park has become a destination for many walkers, runners, dog-walkers, roller bladers and bicyclists.  There are also a number of 5K walks sponsored by local charities that take place in this park utilizing the walkpath.

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