Mayor's Office

Contact Information: 
Department Head: Tyler O. Moore, Mayor
Phone: (765) 456-7444
Location: City Hall: 100 S. Union Street, 3rd Floor

How We Serve You: 
The mayor is the chief executive officer of the City and is responsible for all operations within each City department. Indiana is considered a "strong mayor" state, where the mayor is directly responsible for the business affairs of the city. The mayor appoints each department head and many board and commission members, and presides over the Common Council and the Board of Public Works and Safety and Stormwater Board meetings. The mayor ultimately is responsible for the enforcement of City ordinances, compliance with state statutes, signing all bonds, deeds, city contracts as well as approving or vetoing ordinances and resolutions.

General Information: 
It is the mission of the Office of the Mayor to serve the public by gathering information on important issues, assisting in analyzing those issues and developing policies to guide the course of the City for the future. At the direction of the Mayor, the office implements policy by coordinating and guiding the actions of the various divisions of the City government, and working cooperatively with other units of government, business, and other organizations to accomplish the goals of the City.