Property Room

Inspectional Services Unit
of the
Kokomo Police Department

What to do with unused medications?

The KPD Property System (“Property Room”) takes in over 6,800 pieces of property and evidence each year, with a complete inventory of approximately 50,000 pieces of property and evidence on hand at any given time.

     The Unit:is responsible for the following:

  • Administers property-related services to the public, the Prosecutor’s Office, and police officers. 
  • Processes court orders and subpoenas for audio and digital media for the courts and attorneys. 
  • Provides courtroom testimony for chain of custody and transferring of evidence to officers for court purposes. 
  • Responsible for the safekeeping of found and/or recovered stolen bicycles; approximately 200 a year.
  •  Certain Property will be released by appointment only.  Call (765) 456-7224 or email to schedule an appointment.

Inspectional Services Unit
Kokomo Police Department
City Hall
100 South Union Street
Kokomo, IN 46901

Property Room:  

The Property Room is closed to the public every Friday.