Sycamore Stump


Sycamore StumpHighland Park History Booklet

The Sycamore Stump is one of Howard County's few remaining landmarks of the past.  The old tree originally stood in the west end of Howard County about two miles north of New London.  According to the description of those who remember the tree, it was a hundred feet high before storms broke it down to a huge, hollow stump.  The trunk was more than 50 feet in circumference and one of its lower branches was reported to be eight feet in diameter.  The tree was estimated to be 1,500 years old according to newspaper articles. 

On Sunday, June 18, 1916, the stump was moved to Highland Park where it could be preserved as a relic of the county's pioneer period.  The stump is on display at the Visitor's Center located in Highland Park.