Wildcat Creek Walk of Excellence

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Map of the Walk of Excellence

The Wildcat Creek Walk of Excellence is ideal for walking, hiking, running, bicycling or even roller blading.  It consists of 3.94 miles of trails running east / west that were constructed in four different phases.  From west to east there is a trailhead at Mehlig Park that continues to Markland Ave. and Park Roads to Miller-Highland Park (UCT), Foster Park, through Downtown Kokomo past the Kokomo Municipal Stadium into Future Park, through Crown Point Cemetery and ending with the east trailhead in Waterworks Park.  Overall it is comfortably wide, very smooth and maintains an almost unnoticeable grade.  Paved in most areas accept for the wooden boardwalk in sections of Foster Park and through downtown, there is a good mixture of open areas and tree canopied areas.

The trail runs along and in some places crosses over the Wildcat Creek.  The landscape surrounding the trail not only looks beautiful, but has the unmistakable fresh smell of the Indiana countryside.  No matter how many times you visit the trail, there is always something new for you to find.

Features include the Wildcat Creek, a bridge and trail spur to Kokomo Beach Family Aquatic Center, World War II military tank in Foster Park, Miller-Highland Park, Kokomo Senior Citizens Center, The downtown district, Waterworks Park, historical Crown Point Cemetery and several identifying markers along the way.

Wildcat Creek Walk of Excellence Trail Information Markers

The trail in Foster Park hugs the scenic Wildcat Creek where you can see a variety of plant and animal life.  Great blue herons, green herons, wood ducks, mallards, barred and great horned owls, redheaded woodpeckers, Baltimore orioles, red-tailed hawks, kestrels and turkey vultures can be seen in the area.  Mammals found along Wildcat Creek include fox, badger, beaver, deer, woodchuck, muskrat, raccoon and numerous smaller species.  Several varieties of bass, catfish and panfish along with a variety of turtles are found in the Wildcat waters.

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