KPRD "Pooches in the Pool"

Media Announcement
The Kokomo Parks & Recreation Department
“Pooches in the Pool”

Person releasing information: Torrey Roe, Superintendent
Follow up contact person:      Elizabeth Kirchner, Recreation Manager
                                                                Kokomo Parks & Recreation
Follow up contact phone:       (765) 456-7275
Date of release:                       August 13, 2021

The Kokomo Parks & Recreation Department is pleased to announce the annual “Pooches in the Pool” Day.  Your four-legged friends will again have the opportunity to take a dip in Kokomo’s Hottest Place to Cool Off, Kokomo Beach!

This event will take place on the Beach’s final day of operation, Sunday, August 15 from 5-7 p.m.  Dogs will be allowed to be “off leash” while inside the gates at Kokomo Beach.   The gates will be closed to public swimming and the leisure pool will be open to man’s best friend.  For $5 per dog, you can bring your pet for two hours of swimming.  Only one (1) dog per person will be permitted.  Pet owners will not be allowed to swim with their dogs.  “Oops” bags and disinfectant water will be provided for owners in case of accidents

If you have any questions about this program or other Parks & Recreation programs, please contact the KPRD office at 765-456-7275.