While public safety is obviously a main component of a safe community, it goes far beyond that. Safe streets, sidewalks and parks are also a vital part of providing a safe environment. When our citizens feel “safe” in their city, Kokomo becomes a better place to live, raise a family, work and worship. It also entices visitors to attend the many attractions that we offer.

Below are just some of the projects and initiatives that we are working on to promote and create a safe environment:

  • Markland Avenue Reconstruction from Apperson to 931

With the opening of Championship Park, we expect an increase in traffic flow in an already congested area of our city. The intent is to make travel on Markland Avenue more efficient and safer for all traveling on it. The anticipated improvements include upgraded signals, ADA complaint curb ramps and sidewalks. These improvements will help reduce accidents as well as give our residents and visitors an easier path between Championship Park and Kokomo Municipal Stadium in our downtown.

  • Indian Heights Street Lighting

The City has partnered with Duke Energy on a three phase lighting project. With phase      one nearly complete, a contract signed for phase two, this project is well on its way. 
We believe that proper street lighting will help to create a safer environment for those  living in the neighborhood. 

  • Emphasize Appropriate Staffing Levels for our Public Safety Departments

Staffing our public safety departments appropriately is a vital regarding our department’s abilities to serve the City of Kokomo well.  By creating an environment where our public safety officers are adequately staffed this allows our departments to be more proactive rather than reactive in regards to matters of public safety.

  • Kokomo Police Department reinstating the Crime Analyst Position

This position will allow our police department to analyze crime reports and identify crime hot spots. In doing so, we will be proactive in regards to crime in our city and maximize our resources to be more effective in crime prevention.