A stable economy is one with varying opportunities. To bring jobs to Kokomo, it will take creativity, planning, infrastructure and financial discipline to encourage the growth of both new and established companies.

Below are just some of the projects and initiatives that we are using to promote and create a stable economy:

  • Championship Park

Our investment in Championship Park is already bringing new life to a struggling tourism industry. While the initial project is finished we intend to continue to support developments in and around the area to not only attract tourists but hopefully help them experience Kokomo in a way that they will want to consider becoming a resident in our community.

  • Industrial Park

Industrial parks are useful in bringing companies together that provide services and  features that are complementary to each other. These companies will bring quality jobs to our community. This park will help create new jobs and vital growth to our city which is what is needed to transition tourists to become residents. 

  • Hotel and Conference Center

As we continue to maximize the impacts of Championship Park and combine them with those of Kokomo Municipal Stadium, we believe the need for a hotel and conference center is a key component for a vibrant downtown. The project will hold meetings and conferences and bring visitors to our already established downtown retail shops and restaurants as well as festivals and concerts.